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7 Social Media Marketing Hacks For Rapid Business Growth

Social Media tips and tricks are everywhere. In fact, there are so many out there, that it can be overwhelming to know which ones are effective. when it comes to growing your business accounts. Today, I’, gonna share seven social media hacks that you can use to grow your accounts and grow your business fast. Since last year, many businesses have had to go online and many have had to depend on social media as their main marketing. source. I put together seven hacks that are effective and will help you get the results you’re looking for so, let’s begin.

1. Toolkit

The first hack I wanna talk about is creating a toolkit. so, what does this mean? what does this even look like? so. essentially, a toolkit is going to be a timesaver when posting on social media, because all of your content lives in the toolkit and all you have to do is plug and post.

2. Try Batch Shooting

Finding time every single day to shoot, edit, and come yo with copy, is a lot, and that’s why batch shooting is such a life-saver. at the beginning of every month, pick a day to shoot at least two weeks’ worth of content so that way you have multiple photos and videos to work with instead of scrambling to get the perfect shot every single day.

3. Stay On Top of Search Trends

Stays on top of search trends it’s trying that there’s an audience for everything in the online world but when it comes to creating content for business growth, you have to give the people what they want to see based on your niche. if you don’t know what’s trending now or what people are searching for, there’s actually a website called to answer the public that literally tells you all you gave to do is enter in a keyword, and then you’ll see a chart filled with a question that people are searching for based on that keyword. this make your life so much easier when it comes to keeping up with trends and answering relevant questions that people have, that way you can focus on being creative and executing your strategy.

4. Create Equal Amounts of Photo + Video Content

Since marketing is done a lot more now through social media, it’s important to keep in mind the human element and relatability that people like to see from the business. that’s sometimes hard to communicate through still photos only. remember before social media took over, you’d see tv commercials of big brands partnering with your favorite celebrities to promote their products these were people that we all knew and loved and felt like we could trust that if they were using this product, then it must be great and we should use it too. implement that same method in your social media strategy. by being relatable and creating that sense of trust, you’re not only going to be able to turn followers into leads a lot easier, but you’ll also be able to create a community on your social media platforms as well.

5. Partner With Micro-Influencers

Don’t be scared to partner with micro-influencers. These are gonna be the influencers that have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. Now, on Social Media, those numbers are considered micro, but for your business, if you can partner with an influencer that’ll help into leads, bingo. Micro-influencers are also great to partner with because they have a stronger relationship and they’ve built more trust in their followers compared to larger influencers. The days of brands only looking at follower counts are long gone. Today, it’s all about authenticity, engagement, and conversions. This is why you have to make sure you’re searching for those key factors when choosing who you want to represent you and your brand.

6. Find The Ideal Times To Post

Figure out the best times to post based on your location and your niche. You can also check your analytics to see what times your followers are the most active online. The most active online. For Instagram feed posts, research shows that right now, the best time to post is between 11 AM and 2 PM on Tuesdays. Brayden Cohen from Hootsuite told us, it’s best to post first thing in the morning because this is when people are catching up on their newsfeeds. Lunchtime is always great because it’s when people tend to have the biggest gaps in their schedules and just after working hours are effective too because people are checking out what they missed over that day. when it comes to Instagram stories, there are a lot of secret tips and tricks on how to get more views and engagement on them. One of the best engagement hacks I’ve heard of is using Instagram tory features, like their pools or their stickers to increase your story views. Since Instagram wants more users to engage more on their app, using a feature like their pools, givers you a higher chance of your profile being by more of your followers. Pro-tip, post an engaging pool every morning before your post any other content on your stories. Instagram will show your story to more followers and if the first couple of viewers are highly engaged with the post, it’ll show it to even more people. if you do this consistently on your brand account, Instagram will get used to high engagement on your stories and might move you toward the front of your follower’s story lists. There are not much hard data behind this, but the creators
that have used this method, have claimed that it helped their views and engagement tremendously.

7. Post Content That Is Not Yours

Post relevant content that isn’t yours. Now, this isn’t something you would be doing often, but if you see a popular meme or a trend going around, take advantage of it and share it. This will not only help create more engagement with your followers, but it will also attract new followers as well. just because a piece of content is popular, doesn’t mean that someone isn’t seeing it for the first time through your page. Just remember to always give credit to the original creator. so, there you have it, seven social media marketing hacks that will help you grow your business a lot faster.

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